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love your blog!! xx
- collideoscopee

Thaaaaaanks!!!! I love yours tooo!!!

My mom 0.000052736 seconds after I open the fridge:
Don't hold the fridge open so long

what's the worst hangover you have ever had? do you have any tips for curing a hangover?
- Anonymous

in year 11, mum picked me up the morning after a party. i cried the whole car ride home i was so hungover and mum pulled into a butcher to get dinner and i threw up in the carpark of the butcher haha. then got home and spent the day crying on my toilet floor, very heavy days. I like lots of fresh fruit or a green smoothie because it makes you feel refreshed and not gross like mcdonalds would. and a long shower, wash your hair, and a swim at the beach always helps i find. xxx